This is it! It’s a big day! You are finally done with all the packing and it is now time to move your things. The day has finally come to bid goodbye to the memories and dramas of your old place. We all know that getting into your new house or a new workplace is an exciting event and everyone is searching for ways to have a stress free move. 

To make everything run smoothly and on time, you hired some professional movers to help out with your things. These movers and packers offer a quality service in transferring everything in your new location. Your movers are about to show up anytime. What should you do while they are moving our things?



13 Tips For A Stress-Free Move


1) Observe but do not get in the way

If you want value for your money for a full-service move, allow the professionals to do their job. Do not watch them like a hawk but keep an eye on what they are doing from time to time. There are times when you think you are helping but you are just really getting in the way. Let them work on their own. Keep in mind that all of them are trained professionals who know how to provide the best and satisfactory services for their customers. Keep your hand off and you’ll feel less stressed plus they won’t feel being micromanaged.


2) Keep your kids and pets away from the movers 

This is to avoid having any problems that will be encountered while moving out since kids and pets have the tendency to run and play around. Your movers might be allergic to some pets or your pets might bite these strangers into your home. Make sure that the pets are away or on lease when the movers come in. If you have little kids, keep them in a separate room so the movers can move easily and do their job without any accidents. You can also talk to your kids about some people coming in and moving your personal belongings. Young kids might think that these movers are stealing your personal belongings unless you properly explain to them what is about to happen. 




3) Glass and other fragile objects should be properly labeled

Throw out any hazardous materials that are unsafe to be transported for a stress free move. Make sure that your movers are well-aware of which boxes contain fragile objects. Any broken and sharp objects can pose danger both for your family and the movers. 

Labeling boxes with their destination helps the movers to unload efficiently. And also saves them from getting lost. If you are paying your movers an hourly wage, it is very important for you to give them the right direction of your new location.


4) Do not go anywhere while the movers are in your house

It is important that you stay close so in any case, they need your help, movers can easily find you. Do not go grocery shopping or run errands while the movers are not done. If something is missing, you can’t just accuse your movers without any strong evidence. In the event that you really have to leave the house in the case of an emergency, make sure that your movers are aware of your whereabouts. If possible, ask a relative or a neighbor to look out for your house and the movers while you are gone. 


5) Avoid packing heavy items in large boxes

It is going to be difficult moving boxes because they are too heavy to be carried and also to avoid bursting while moving. Your movers might have strong hands and back but it does not mean that you have to test it out with large heavy boxes. It is recommended that books are placed on smaller boxes so they could be lifted and carried out easily.




6) Provide easy and hassle-free access on the way

Give the movers the exact location of your place. If you can find a parking spot that would allow them to have easier navigation into your building and into your unit, the better. With a hassle-free way, the faster they can load all the boxes into the moving truck. Give them enough information such as parking fees, parking time, parking spot, and other details to make it easier for your movers to move around. Make sure you booked all the things required such as the elevator and parking pass. Take care of all of the administrative tasks before the moving day. 

Inside your unit, make sure that the way is clear and they can easily walk through while lifting those boxes. Do not give them the hassle of going through wirings or tables and other objects while carrying heavy things.


7) Do not be late on schedule and unprepared

On your moving day, all of your belongings should be well packed and ready to go. Make sure to be present on time especially if you have a scheduled appointment with the movers. If you are not done with your packing, you will be wasting the moving company’s time and your own. Everybody wants to have a smooth, efficient, fast, and hassle-free move in every transaction. Even if the movers have arrived but you did not avail the packing service, these movers won’t help you out in putting your things inside those boxes. 

If you are looking forward to a stress-free move, you have the option to avail the full-service movers. Professionals offer services that will handle all of the tasks associated with moving out so you don’t need to worry and just relax. It may not be the cheapest option for you but the convenience that it will give you is surely worth it.


8) Make sure desks and drawers  are empty 

Most of the movers do not transport items that still have things inside. Aside from getting heavier. Imagine your movers lifting those desks and the drawer slides open and your belongings spilling out the doorway. What a hassle! Talk to your moving company if they would allow leaving the things inside for simplified packing. Just make sure that it is secured and packed tightly otherwise you’re up for some headache.




9) Offer snacks and refreshments

Transferring all of your belongings during moving out is tiresome and requires hard work. It is a good gesture if we offer snacks and refreshments to thank them for their hard work. 


10) Keep your valuables secured 

Several items are a bit difficult for the movers to transfer especially if it is valuables like cash, important documents and jewelry. It also to avoid being accused of when some things went missing. Be sure to take care of your own valuables and leave the rest to them on moving day. You could also secure some important art pieces instead of letting the movers handle it.


11) Pack essential items

Keep a box for all the essential items which you can easily access anytime you need something. Pack essential items in a box – like screwdrivers, hammer, foods and drinks, medications, and first aid kits. 

12) Ask for your mover’s needs

They will surely do their best if you treat your movers with respect. Be a good host and do not forget to encourage them to do a good job. Always make sure to lift the mood and spirits up. Aside from giving out snacks and refreshers to keep their energy up, you can prepare a bathroom for them to use that is equipped with liquid hand soaps and dry disposable towels.


13) Gratuity is appreciated

Tipping them is also a good way for us to say thank you for their professionalism and service. Any amount will always show your gratitude. After all, it is always the thought that counts. 

Hassle-free relocation is what most of us look for and with their expertise, there’s nothing to be worried about. Following these etiquettes will make for a stress free move for both for you and your movers! At the end of the day, these movers play an important role as you unfold the next chapters of your life moving to a new place.