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Are you planning to do an interstate move in the future? Perhaps you got a new job and would need a new place to stay. Or maybe, you just want to unload some of your stuff and move it to a storage facility. Now if you are thinking about getting a moving service to help out, it won’t hurt to do some reading first about the company and the customer’s feedback about them.

Before jumping into the review section, it is recommended to narrow your search to 3-4 companies to check. Jumping from one moving company to another without a fixed number in mind will take up a lot of your time. It would also be difficult for you to decide at the end.

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There are several ways to get reviews about a moving company. You can check out their website and see the customer review page. You could check out their social media platforms and see what their audience is saying about them. But you are not limited to online reviews, there are moving companies that hand out flyers or brochures. Check out if customer feedback is included in the information of the handouts they are giving out.

Lastly, try doing a traditional review by asking people around. Word-of-mouth remains to be a powerful marketing method until today. Listen to what people are actually saying in person. Also, if you know someone who had previously moved out and had some professional movers to assist, ask him or her about the experience. Do not limit yourself to online platforms only if you have enough time on your hands. But in case you are pressed for time and would like a moving company right away. Best to do it online. If you read a lot of complaints about the services provided, this should raise some red flags. Be careful of choosing companies with few to no star ratings or those companies bombarded with complaints.

One important thing to look out for is the customer service response. If you think that responses are automated and not really addressing the concerns or complaints raised by each client then move on. Do not waste your time also on companies that fail to answer even a single inquiry from possible clients. The kind of customer service this moving company is a reflection on the kind of service you can expect if you avail their service.

Which websites to check

There are several websites that provide a comprehensive review of moving companies. Similar to TripAdvisor, Yelp, or Trustpilot, their review companies are specialized in giving information about professional movers and moving companies.

One of these moving companies is Consumer Affairs. According to their research, there were about 15,067 customers who were asked a survey on 63 professional moving companies. The research showed that there were seven top companies who made it on the list and coveted top categories. The result of the research was the result of the comparison of quotations, customer experience, and credentials among these companies. American Van Lines won as the top pick for nationwide availability, Colonial Van Lines was chosen as the best pick for its value. United Nation Van Lines was the one chosen for speedy delivery services. Empire Moving Group and Moving APT won the easy booking and long-distance brokerage category, respectively. Interstate Moving and Relocation Group won the best customer service and the Bold Moving & Storage company won the best service provider for East Coast moves.

On the website, you can check the moving company information and also a button that directs you to a quote request. You could also read about what Customer Affairs think about the moving company and what customers are actually saying about it. The great thing about this review website is the ‘what to consider’ section. This provides you with one additional helpful tip should you decide to go with a particular moving company.

Another moving company website that provides an excellent review is The list published on their website is also listed on Forbes, Chicago Tribune, USA Today, and many more. To look for a mover’s quote, you could either do a quick search on the search bar by putting in the zip code and the destination. You could also browse through the list of companies they have on the site. When you click a particular moving company, information such as an address, contact details, state of operation are provided. You could also see the number of reviews the company had and its star ranking which is one to five. Five being the best and one to none being the worst. If you have already availed of the service, you can write a review about the company on this website. You will also notice the responses the moving company gives to the inquiries and complaints raised. Read through them to give you a better sense if it is worth having this moving company onboard.

If you want a quick review on a moving company, simply type the company’s name on the Google search bar. It will show you the information of the company as well as the Google Review. You can either read through the review, write a review or even add a photo. Similar to other review sites, you can also rate the company with stars ranging from one to five. Facebook is another area you can explore. If you look for the Facebook page of the company, you can check the Facebook review option to see what the audience thinks about this moving company. is also a great place if you are looking for comprehensive information about the moving company. The list was just recently updated so you are guaranteed to get recent information about the moving company you are after. Some of the companies that were considered the best in the industry are Trinity Relocation Group, New Leaf Moving Group, American Van Lines, Unpakt, and Upack. is another site to check out. The upside of this website is that it does not only provide a review of the moving companies but also provides a list of recommendations for the best long distance movers, best local movers, best-moving van companies, best packing service van companies, best apartment movers, and best moving companies for those in military service. If you are interested in reviewing International Van Lines, American Van Lines, Allied Van Lines, North American Van Lines, Two Men, and a Truck, College Hunks Hauling Junk, United Van Lines, and Mayflower this is a site to visit. But the review is not limited to van lines, they also have reviews for container trucks such as U-PACK  and PODS. is also where you can find a list of moving companies and reviews. Each company has basic information such as contact information and the service provided. It also has a star rating feature. A great addition in the review section is apart from the actual feedback of the customers, you could also see the origin and destination details, the quote given, and the actual price paid for the service.

To make sure that the moving company that you are about to work with is a legitimate one and with a solid background, check if the company is accredited with Better Business Bureau and ProMover is given by American Moving and Storage Association. 

If you take it the right way, reviews are actually helpful for both the service provider and the customers. Reading about the reviews and feedback, customers like you are better informed and will have sufficient information before making big decisions. On the other hand, moving companies could actually take in the feedback to further improve their service.

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