Moving and packing your things is such a huge challenge. Some people find this task so daunting where they have to move everything to another place. For others, it is just another job that needs to be done – not a big deal. Moving and packing does not have to end in a disaster if it is done with careful planning and organizing. There are a lot of moving and packing hacks you can apply to make the job easier, faster, and less stressful. Focus your energy on learning how to pack and unpack things rather than getting all stressed out without even starting yet. Below are some helpful packing & moving tips to guide you as you prepare your things for packing and moving them away. 



4 Tips For Planning & Preparing Ahead 


1) Organize your thoughts and plan ahead 

Decide first when are you going to move your things and how much time are you giving yourself to prepare the things for moving. You have to decide your timeline. It is always recommended to start preparing early and not rush things. 

Once you have decided your moving date, you can start organizing the things needed for the utility companies of the location you are about to leave and the utilities of the place you are moving into. 

Once this is done you can now consider your budget for packing and moving. You will depend on the budget whether you are going to get a moving truck, what packing supplies would you get, and how many and other monetary requirements for the moving. Moving company websites usually have a moving cost calculator feature which you can use. You may have a fixed budget in mind but be prepared for some unforeseen expenses you might encounter during your move. 


2) Due diligence on research 

If you are to get a moving company, some helper, or just hire a moving van, research first the company you will work with. Go through the website’s feedback and customer rating to have a better idea of the quality of service they are providing. You may have some delicate items to move and you would want the helpers to be careful with your things. The sooner you can find a moving company or a truck to hire, the earlier you can finalize your budget. You can get free quotations from at least 3-4 moving trucks or moving companies. Check if the price rate on specific workdays is cheaper as compared to moving your things on weekends. Compare their customer rating as well as their price rates to save you money. 

You can also research where to get the best deals for packing materials. With some luck, you might find some items on sale. This can save you some money. We understand that moving and packing could take a serious chunk of your savings. You can start listing friends or family who you think can give you some boxes for free and start calling them up. 


3) Be prepared financially, physically, emotionally, and mentally

This tip is often overlooked but the most important thing you need to prepare is yourself. The financial requirement could stress you out so you have to be ready mentally and emotionally. Moving from a place that you have been home for years could also get you emotional. You just have to be prepared. Packing and moving are tiring especially if you are doing everything on your own. You have to make sure that you are eating well and keeping your body in top shape. 


4) Let go of some of your things 

Check everything that you own and do some purging. Decide which ones go to the bin, the things you can donate, and those you will be taking with you. Purging will save you from packing unnecessary items such as clothes you have not worn for ages, furniture collecting dust, or appliances that are no longer working. Make sure you have items for donation for the ones you can’t let go of but can’t use anymore. You may also consider renting a storage unit to house some of your things. But this will be an additional cost on your part. 


6 Tips For Packing and getting ready to move

The important thing to remember when packing is you want your belongings to be protected especially if it is going to be a long drive to your new place. You also have to ensure that nothing important is left behind. Below are the key things you can do to make sure packing is done right and avoid any mishaps along the way. 




1) Make an inventory of your things 

This will ensure that you know exactly what is to be packed and which things go to which box. The best thing to do is to properly label each box. If the things inside are delicate or breakable, put some precautionary labels on them. You can also color-code your boxes to make it easier for you or the helper to decide where to place them. Do not forget to take a photo of your items before putting them into the box and once it is inside the box. This will help you identify things or remember what items are inside should you be looking for something specific.


2) Set all your packing materials 

Make sure that all your packing materials are ready and enough. It would be a huge hassle if you have to run to the nearest store to grab some boxes or tapes. It would save you time and energy having all the essential things in place before you start packing up. Also, make sure that you are using quality boxes as important and fragile items will be placed inside them.


3) Maximize your space

Do not leave your boxes with huge gaps of space in between objects. The more compact the things inside, the less for them to move around and get damaged. You can also roll your clothing instead of folding them to maximize the space. You want to maximize your space to get value for your money. But, be careful not to over-pack your boxes. It would be difficult for you or the movers to carry them. If you are packing a combination of light and heavy items, make sure that light materials are placed on top while the heavy ones are on the bottom. 


4) Wrap up your breakable 

Make sure that items that can break such as glasses are wrapped in bubble wrap or a piece of thick clothing such as towels and linens. There must be enough cushion to make sure that items won’t break while on transit. Sharp objects also need to be properly wrapped and secured to ensure a safe journey. Secure the lids of containers that might spill over. 


5) Take a photo of the electrical wirings for your appliances

It would be easier to plug things back when you recall which wires go to the right plug. To make things burden-free for you, take a photo of the wirings of your television set and other appliances which you think would be difficult to set up again. 


6) Pack an overnight bag 

Pack your essentials such as an overnight change of clothes, your toiletries, medicines, and other important documents into a small bag that you can carry and use. This is important because you don’t want to be rummaging into your boxes which have been sealed already just to get toothpaste or some clothes. 


3 Tips Moving Tips For The Day Of Your Move! 

This is the highlight of your planning. This could be an exciting and tiring day so you have to be prepared for what lies ahead of the day.




1) Pack some water and snacks

If you are up for a long drive, you should have some water and snacks with you. Keep yourself hydrated and fed at all times. Moving is just a quarter of what needs to be done. You still have to unload things and unpack and clean up. Make sure that you have supplies to last you and the family until you reach your destination. 


2) Check-in with your movers 

Make sure that everything is properly coordinated. Call your moving company at least two hours before the schedule to make sure that they are aligned on the schedule. You don’t want to be cramming up when your movers show up late. Give them specific instructions on items which you want to be taken with extra care. 


3) Strategize your stopovers

If you are hiring a moving truck and will be driving it yourself, plan your stopovers and make sure that you don’t waste time during these stops. You can also check which stopovers you can go to in case of some emergencies along the road. 


3 Tips For Unpacking After Your Move 

Well done, you have now reached your destination! But it is still far from having a celebration. You still have a lot of things to do before settling in. 




1) Stick to your plan

Since you have planned early on. You now know which area of the new house you would like to start unpacking your boxes. There are some recommendations that the best way to start is with your kitchen. The challenge to sort out your kitchen is big and once you can get over it, it is easier for you to unpack the other items. Put on some tune to get you in the mood of carrying the task and stick to your deadline. It would be tempting to take a nap or lie around before sticking with your schedule.


2) Do not overdo things 

Do not try to finish everything all at once. Make sure that you give yourself enough time for breaks. Grab some nutritious snacks and go back to your unpacking business after some rest. You don’t have to do everything all at once. When you have a plan, you won’t be stressed about when to make everything ready for your housewarming. 


3) Dispose of your boxes properly 

Make sure that you get rid of your packing materials properly. To keep the space in your new place clean and order, place all the empty boxes in your trash bins for recyclable materials. The more space you can see, the more confident you will feel about finishing off the packing. 


Take note of these moving and packing tips to make things easier for you and the family. You may want to document your journey through a blog or vlog to help others who are also moving to a new place.