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If you are looking into moving your stuff around between states, into another residential property, or a storage facility, you might want to consider getting a full-service moving company to help out. We all know that moving takes time, energy, and planning which not many of us can spare. Packing and moving could be stressful especially if you are looking at a tight schedule. Get a Free Moving Quote at U-Pack! Here’s a quick guide on things you should know before getting full-service movers into your property. Read about things such as service quotes, distance coverage, service inclusion, tips, moving packages, protection or insurance, and additional moving services.

What is a full-service moving company?

Getting a full-service professional mover means that you are saving yourself from doing that back-breaking heavy lifting of your personal belongings. You don’t want to spend your time going to and fro from the nearest supply store to get some packaging materials such as bubble wraps for protection, boxes, and cutting tools to pack away your stuff. This means saving some time from putting those stuff in the boxes and unpacking them once you have reached your destination. Simply put, getting a full-service company means that you will only oversee things without having to physically help out. You can guide these movers on how you would want your things packed and where to place them when unpacking. But, you can save some time and physical energy when you get professional movers onboard. So what does a full-service moving company cover? Get a Free Moving Quote at U-Pack!

Packing and disassembling your belongings. The movers will take care of packing all your stuff. They are in charge of safely putting your belongings into the boxes. For your furniture and other things which need to be disassembled, they are accountable for taking them apart and putting them back together once things are moved into the new location. For appliances, some companies are willing to disconnect and reconnect your items but make sure that accountability is covered if things go haywire. If you are not comfortable with the moving company doing this kind of stuff, you can hire a professional who specializes in this kind of job. But this will be an additional cost on your part. So try to see if you can negotiate this with the moving company as extra service at a lower cost.

Labeling. For things not to get mixed up, boxes must be labeled properly. Make sure that you have provided the movers with clear and specific instructions on how you would want your storage boxes to be labeled. You can also keep a close eye while they are packing and putting in those labels to make sure that everything is in the right place just the way you want it.

Loading and Lifting. If you have a bad back and won’t be able to carry heavy stuff, worry not. The full-service company will take care of all the lifting of things out of the property and into the loading truck. The moving company will oversee that your properties are carefully loaded in the moving vehicle and transported across your new home or storage building. Once you have reached your destination, the movers will then unload all your things and move them back to your new nest.

Unpacking your stuff. Once your stuff is back into your new home, movers will start unpacking the things and will also assemble your furniture and other things upon your request. You just have to let them know which piece to place on which part of the house.

Throwing those packing materials. Once everything is out of the box, you might be overwhelmed with those plastic sheets, boxes, and other packing materials used for moving your things around. Do not fret, included in the service of a full-service moving company is the proper disposal of packaging materials. They will take care of throwing all the junk away. This is to make sure that when you move, you have space where you things are in their proper place and not a bunch of ripped plastics and discarded boxes lying around.

Storage. There are plenty of moving companies that also offer storage options whether for short or long-term contracts. This is a great feature for those who already need to move their things but could not find the best place yet.

Protection. One of the common additional services provided by moving companies is protection against delay in delivery, identity theft protection, lost items, and claims assistance for any damages on properties upon moving.

A full-service moving company offers great convenience and reduces the things that you need to think about. Before letting them move your things, just make sure that you provide them enough directions, agree on a schedule, and set expectations. While the movers are packing away and moving stuff around, you can take photos to make sure things are well-documented for your protection. Check for any damages on the place you will be leaving if you would need to make a payment for the needed repairs.

What is the price for a professional moving company service?

How much you should pay for a moving company depends on several things to be considered. This includes factors such as how much stuff needs to be packed and transported, what is the number of movers required to accomplish the task, what is your proposed schedule for moving, where is the stuff going, what is the distance covered to be moving your personal belongings and what other requirements would you need. Do you need a transport vehicle with a huge storage capacity? Or would you need specialized boxes for your arts and other valued belongings?

To get a rough idea of the professional fee for a full-service company. You can do a quick check online. Select the top five moving companies near you and get a free quotation from their website. Most websites offer free instant online quotes for their possible clients. Compare the services and the prices across these companies. Also, don’t forget to ask if they have any other services that they provide for free or at a discounted rate. Look out for promos to save yourself some money. Some companies offer discounts for first-time customers as part of their marketing programs. Others give out freebies for any referrals made. While there are those which give out additional packaging materials and extra boxes for first-time customers.


Get a Free Moving Quote at U-Pack!

moving full service

If you are conscious about the cost and want to save up, you could either take care of sourcing out the packaging materials. Check if you can find discounted packaging materials online or at wholesale or bulk prices. Another option is to do some of the tasks yourself and renegotiate the price with the moving company. For example, you can do the packing of things and just let the movers take care of the transport and unpacking. You can also negotiate for a lower rate if you take care of the packing of all the fragile objects and the rest of your things to be taken care of by the movers. Make sure the fragile objects you packed are protected. For that extra protection, you can make use of bubble wraps, blankets, or towels to wrap your things. Plates, dishes, and glassware are better packed in an upright position. You could also get insurance for things that are made of glass and are fragile for added protection.

What is the price for a professional moving company service?

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For you to make a sound and well-informed decision, you will have to do some research and plan ahead. Determine your specific requirements and then decide on how much you can stretch your budget. Are you looking specifically for a full-service mover for long-distance transport? Have you looked into the requirements of the state where you’ll be storing your stuff?

With the five companies where you have searched for a service quote earlier, go through the services they provide and see if it aligns with your requirements and budget. There are plenty of full-service moving company providers and the best way to see the quality of service they can provide is to review the customer’s feedback or testimonials on their websites and social media accounts. Going through the social media feed will give you an idea of which moving company is the best option.

You could also try and call their helpline or customer service contact info. Assess whether they are easy to reach and which of them has been the most helpful and accommodating. You could also ask friends and families who paid for a full-service moving company for any recommendations.

How long will it take to move your belongings?

If you are moving all by yourself for a long-distance drive, it could take you a couple of days to a week depending on how much stuff you have and how big is the storage capacity of your moving vehicle. But if you are going to avail of the service of full-service movers, the timeline would depend on your agreed schedule. If you are living in a house with at least four bedrooms and all stuff needs to be packed and moved, it could take half a day or an entire day for packing. You can make use of the contact information on the moving company’s websites and get on a call with a customer service representative.

You can provide them an idea of how the things which need to be moved, your storage capacity requirement, how big is the place where you store all your stuff so the representative could give a rough estimate on the days it would take for the mover to get everything packed, moved, stored or unpacked. You could also have someone from the company do an inventory of your stuff and assess how long it will take for them to pack and move all your stuff. Another factor that also needs to be considered on your timeline is the distance between interstate or between residential properties. You need to determine how much time it would take for the transport truck to drive from point A to point B and also consider the traffic and driving conditions if possible.

Always remember that moving your things requires planning before deciding. So take time to do your own research before signing up for any contracts with the movers.

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