Moving Containers: A great alternative for your next relocation.

No move is the same. Every moving or relocation experience is a distinctive journey. Is there a need to hire professional movers or do it yourself by renting a truck? Is the move local or to an entirely different state? Although hiring professional movers or renting a moving truck are nice options, they are not the only two. A third option to take into consideration is moving containers. What are moving containers? Moving containers are portable storage units. They are either metal or wood and are used to store items, commonly used for moving and relocating.


Portable Moving Containers


Containers are a budget-friendly and convenient way to move.  Moving containers allow flexibility in a personal packing timeline schedule. U-Pack, U-Box. and  1-800-PACK-RAT are three container options to use for local, long-distance, and nationwide moving. There are other container options but they have limited moving areas they cover.  These being SmartBox, Go Mini’s, Zippy Shell, and COWS.  Containers are a safe way to store belongings prior to the hefty job of relocation, and they can provide continued storage after moving to the new location.  Just as getting quotes from professional movers or rental truck companies it is a good rule of thumb to get at least three or four quotes.  Comparing the cost of the container and personal needs will determine which container to select. All of the companies listed offer free quotes. The average cost will vary considering the number of containers, the distance of the move, and the length of container use.  Do the research and get the quotes and use the company best for the move at hand.

How do containers Work

The moving container company selected will bring a container or containers depending on how many will be needed, to the current location on the date it is requested. Once the containers are delivered, simply pack them with the household belongings. The container company will transport the container(s) to the new address. When they arrive, just as flexible as packing the moving containers to move, the unpacking is flexible on the unloading of them. Once the container(s) is empty the company will return and retrieve them.


Written by: Thresa Ramsey

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