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Moving or relocating soon? What to do if moving! Curious about how to prepare for such a hefty job? Knowledge is power when moving, truck rental is on the horizon. Do take advantage of every trick and moving hack available that will make the process easier. Awestruck on how to accomplish such a daunting responsibility? Important decisions need to be made to complete a move. Follow along and apply some of the following:


What is moving going to Cost

packing box

It has been determined a move will take place. Now what? The process of moving will bring a lot of questions to the surface. What is the date of the move?  Is it a local move or a cross-country relocation?  To hire professional movers or do it yourself, move. What rental truck company to use, which containers, boxes, or moving supplies will be needed.  These are just a small list of questions that will arise.  Despite the fact, moving can be confusing, overwhelming, exhausting, and costly.

Preparation is a key component of a move.  Calculating moving costs that fit any budget, is going to take doing some homework.  Cost estimates are probably the most important element to a moving budget.  The cost estimates will determine how and what angle to approach a move from. Get several estimates from reputable moving companies if hiring professional movers.   If the relocation is going to be DIY, by renting a truck, U-Haul, or a relocube from U-Pack.  There are several sites to visit that can help with professional movers Mayflower and Allied are two to mention.  All the previous rental truck and professional moving sites offer free quotes. Once the information of movers and truck rental has been accumulated.  List them from best pricing to least and start calculating the cost compared to what will accommodate the needs and the budget of moving.

To hire professional movers or Do it Yourself moving

Moving? The question is, hire professionals or get the rental truck and DIY the move?  Taking into consideration the amount of money that is available to use for an upcoming relocation, will determine the answer to this question.  The assumption that hiring professionals are too expensive, when moving, is not necessarily true.  If a professional company such as United Van Lines or Allied Van Lines is used, they can be well within budget. Do the homework, get free estimates, and do not be so quick to eliminate professional movers as an option. Research rental trucks like Penske Truck Rental and Budget Truck Rental too.  Make the comparison and use which is the best budget-friendly choice. Listing the Pros versus the Cons will help determine who will be doing the moving.

Make a Moving List

As mentioned previously, knowledge is power in regards to moving. Make a moving list! Write or type a list of everything that can possibly apply to moving. Determine the most important to the least relevant. The old fashion list should not be discounted. The organization is the key to a successful move. It may seem elementary but a moving checklist is crucial to the relocation process and will help a mover take full control of their time. If things are listed, checked off, and completed, the success of moving will be less overwhelming. Make the list personal to accommodate the current moving job.

moving checklist

Packing supplies for moving

If using professional movers, a rental truck, or using a container, for moving,  packing supplies have to be purchased.  Boxes, tape, labels, and markers are primary packing supplies to purchase when moving.  Bubble wrap, moving blankets, packing paper, and stretch wrap are additional packing products to purchase. The Home Depot is a good local place to purchase supplies and Amazon can easily deliver these supplies to your doorstep. Decluttering is essential to the moving process.  It will be a huge benefit to declutter prior to packing. This will clear out all the useless items, reduce the number of items to pack and move, making moving easier in the end.  Packing room by room is a good rule to follow when moving.  Selling unwanted items can make money to put towards moving expenses.  Fewer items mean less packing time and less shipping weight which will lower transportation cost.

The importance of packing for moving

Packing is one of the most important steps of moving.  Again, write a packing list and organize a packing timeline.  Start this process as soon as possible.  Work on the packing list daily leading up to the move.  Reminder to label all the boxes according to room location at the new place being relocated to. Hiring professional packers is an option. Professional packers generally work for moving companies and are responsible for expertly wrapping and boxing up the items in a household.  Do the research, and select according to cost and need. Mayflower and Allied Van Lines offer professional packers.  Personally, packing for a move will save money.

Moving helpers

Coordinate moving helpers. This can include professional movers, which will make moving much easier.  Professional movers will take care of all the lifting. Using movers will free up valuable time and sore muscles.  Requests help to move from family and friends.  Schedule accordingly, because moving is not an easy job for just one person. When relying on friends and family specify moving dates and job duties expected.

Moving Day

Moving is stressful and this day, moving day, is no exception to the process. Organization and preparation will cause less worry on this day. Moving day will not go perfect, but expecting hiccups will not throw the day completely off balance. Start the day early and eat breakfast. Make sure to pack the last-minute items before the movers arrive. An essential bag and valuables need to be packed into a personal vehicle going to the new location. Coordinate the movers and do a final walk-through to make sure all items have loaded that need to be relocated to the new residence.


Written by: Thresa Ramsey

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