Best Car Rental Deals: Things You Should Know

Car rental is a booming business. According to an article published by Spaceo Technologies, the car rental industry around the world is valued at $124.56 billion by next year. Statista forecasted that the car rental compound annual growth rate (CAGR) will grow by 8.48% by 2025 with 49.7 million users in four years from now. The United States will generate most of the revenue for car rental services. Countries such as China, Brazil, Italy, and Japan will remain as for other market segments composing the car rental market.
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If you are moving things from one location to another, on a business trip, or just looking for a new place to drive around, car rentals are great. Depending on your requirement, there are a variety of car rental companies to choose from. But, before checking out their website, decide first if you are looking for a car where you can move some of your stuff or if you just have that travel bug itching to have some long drive somewhere new.

What are car rentals?

Car rentals are a type of service where an individual could borrow and rent a vehicle for a given period in exchange for a corresponding fee. A car rental agency is a licensed business entity that offers a selection of cars for the general public to choose from and rent. Some car rentals are strategically positioned near train stations, airports, port areas, and other locations with heavy foot traffic composed mostly of travelers. There are different kinds of individuals who benefit largely from car rental services. It is composed of people who are always traveling, people who are on short business trips, families or friends on a road trip, or individuals moving to a new city.

Car Rentals: Add-ons

Prices for car rentals differ depending on the type of car you are getting, the length that you will be needing the car, and other features which you require. There are additional products which you could get to make sure you are traveling without any problem. Some of the add ons include travel insurance – this is especially helpful in case you did have some road accidents or had an emergency during travel. You could also request a global positioning system (GPS). It comes in handy when you are the type of person who seems to get lost often using paper printed maps, equipped yourself with this navigation system to save you time from driving in circles.

If your line of business requires you to be online most of the time or if you are a social manager who needs to be using an internet connection, better ask for a car that is wifi ready. Some rental companies also offer mobile phones to be rented out. Disposable phones come in handy especially if you are in another country and need a local number to call people. There are also car rental providers which are pet friendly. If you are traveling with your beloved pets, car rental agencies can offer you a car that has a special room to keep your pets safe while traveling. For families traveling together, you can also request child safety seals to make sure your little one is protected.

Tips on getting a rented car

Do your research. If you are traveling to a new place and you won’t be bringing your car with you, make sure to check out car rental agencies you can visit to get your wheels. You must review the feedback from customers on their website. You don’t want to be borrowing a car and having it towed after a few hours of driving due to faulty parts. Part of your research also includes the comparison of prices and services offered by this rental car agency. Do not just rely on customer reviews to make your decision. If you are renting a car for two-three weeks, it is best to get the best out of your money and make sure the car is functioning as it should be.

When you’ve finally decided where to rent a car, make sure that before signing the contract you have read and understood the terms and conditions of the rented car. This will save you from making any extra payment just because you failed to read through the fine print of the contract. Understanding what you are signing for also saves you the hassle of arguing with a customer service representative because you keep on insisting on something which is not covered in the contract. Take note of the add-ons you have agreed on and the date when you are supposed to be returning the car.

Once you’ve finally handed the keys to the car, do some due diligence and make sure that your car is in good running condition. Check for any broken or dirty items inside the car as you might be asked to pay for them upon returning. Before driving away, do ask for an emergency line number which you can call should something bad happen while on the road.

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Where to get the best deals for cheap rental cars?

You can check several websites to get the best car rental rates for your next adventure. is a website where you can check for car rental rates and cheap finds. When you visit the site, you can input where you want to be picked up and dropped off and the time and date you want to rent the car. You will then be directed to a search result page, choose your car type and the additional features which you might like, and input your details and your payment preference. Once all is set, you can confirm your bookings. is another website for discounted car rental deals. Similar to Expedia, this rental company is also tied up with car rental companies such as Hertz, Avis, Europcar, Alamo, Budget, Enterprise, Dollar, Thrifty Car Rental. The website offers an almost similar interface to that of Expedia. Popular destinations for rental car services include Los Angeles, Rome, San Francisco, Brisbane, Nice, and John F. Kennedy airport.

Skyscanner is another option you can check out if you are in search of a car rental. What differentiates this website from the two companies mentioned earlier is that it has an option where you can return the car to a different location. This provides convenience for any traveler. Skyscanner is tied up with car rental companies such as Europcar, Sixt, Enterprise, Hertz, Avis, and National to name a few. Their car rental deals are rated based on factors such as fuel requirement, pick-up point, and choice of insurance.

There are other websites you can check out when looking for discounted car rental deals. Include in your research websites such as,,,,, and

Top choice for car rental apps

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Travelling requires efficiency in time and one way to get information about car rentals at the tip of your finger is through mobile applications. Yes, there are quite a good number of mobile apps to download. If you are looking out for the best-priced rental cars in town, download some of these apps and start doing your research. Spaceo Technologies has listed some of the best car rental apps available for both Android and iOS users. These include Turo, Getaround, Kayak, Zipcar, Hertz, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Virtuo, Carngo, Skyscanner, and Sixt.

Each app has its process of account creation and verification. You may find some to be a bit long and tedious while other apps are pretty straightforward. Some of these also take time to load so just be patient, it may be something on your phone or your internet connection but the technical aspects of these apps also come into play. You can try downloading two or three apps and see which one you like best when it comes to the user interface, service features, loading time, and graphics.

Best Rental Car Companies

The United States currently holds the top spot for the car rental market. The long drive between states makes it ideal for rental car companies to offer various promos and discount offers to attract travelers. The goal is to encourage them to leave their own car behind and go for car rentals instead. The rental car industry continues to thrive despite the restrictions brought about by the pandemic. In consideration to keep yourself distant from other commuters during travel, more people are opting to rent a car instead of getting into public transportation. According to Car Rentals. deals, the top car rental companies in the US are Alamo, Enterprise, National, Dollar, SIXT, Thrifty, Hertz, Budget, Avis, and Advantage. Alamo takes the top spot noting that you will get great value for your money with this car rental provider. In addition, you can expect that cars are in excellent condition plus good customer service at the front desk. Processing a car rent is fast and easy, too.

Getting yourself a rented car can be something that requires a lot of research. There are plenty of car rental companies you can choose from. Narrow your search on some factors to make it easier for you to decide. Think of your budget, consider your specific requirement, check out for any discounted rates or rewards system, check the car type availability and the locations of these car rental companies from the palace of your origin and destination. There’s no harm in being meticulous with your choice of car as this will be your means to travel in between locations. Make sure to get a car in good running condition that can get you where you want to go!

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