Many of us might be quite unfamiliar when we hear the term long-distance moving or how we’ll know if we are moving long-distance. It’s as simple as this if you are planning to move 400 miles away from your current home, it is considered a long-distance move. However, if you are moving about 50 miles to let’s say 300 miles, it’s considered only as a local move. Long distance move really depends on how far or how much distance you are going to travel going to your new location.

With the thought of it, I already felt how tiresome and stressful it is. If you’re thinking that the process is going to be the same as moving locally, it is not. Imagine you will be transporting all of your belongings and probably drive hundreds or thousands of miles away, that’s some huge challenge one needs to be ready for. Proper preparation and trying to foresee things are the key ways for you to have a smooth and successful move. First things first, you should know what you need to do before actually doing it and know what you need to consider.




Tips To Help With A Long Distance


Plan Ahead of Time 

Organizing and managing the amount of time left for you until your moving day is the key to have a perfect, smooth, stress-free process of moving. One way of doing it is by creating a checklist that will help you all throughout the pre-moving process, such as packing, cleaning, unpacking and many more. It should be in a way that you wrote them in an orderly manner where you know what to prioritize first and the last to be finished. Having a timeline helps you to maximize all of your time and making sure that it’s not going to be wasted.


Make Sure To Itemize Everything 

Take an investigative look in all of your belongings including your appliances and ponder on what are the things that you need and what are those that you think just eats up a lot of space. So this will save you money and the stress of moving everything.




Be Resourceful In Packing Your Belongings 

Instead of buying boxes and larger containers, why not try the trick of using your suitcases, drawers, and wardrobe boxers in packing smaller items and your clothes. These things offer some extra space which you can maximize when moving your stuff.  Aside from the fact of saving the space inside those items, it also did not cost you too much in packing your belongings.


Detach Parts Of Large Items 

Items like tables, bedroom sets, desks and other furniture are usually detachable. We know that they are one of the challenging ones to transport. If we can disassemble it, it will be easier to be transported and will definitely save a lot of space in our moving equipment.


Label Your Boxes

It is important to put a label on the proper destinations of the items inside. Put the exact rooms and location that it is for so in time that you will be unpacking, you won’t spend time checking and opening multiple boxes in searching for the items that you need. Imagine the hassle of not knowing which thing went to which box. You’ll end up opening all the boxes before finding the item you’ve been looking for. Also, once you arrive at your new home, you’ll have the idea of where to put the boxes and will save you the trouble of bringing it upstairs or in any part of the house.


Protect Fragile Items 

Once you arrive, you might be left with plates and glasses shattered apart and that’s one of the worst events that could happen. Better to wrap those fragile items in some of your clothes and put them in a box that is well secured with a “fragile” label. It’s also a good way for you to pack your clothes and save more spaces inside.




How To Save On Long Distance Move

Aside from knowing some tips to avoid having trouble during your moving day, it is also important that you know what are the options available for you to save more money, time and space.

All those years living in your current house, you probably accumulated a lot stuff that you don’t actually need. That’s the importance of sorting out items that you need from those who are not because you can definitely earn more money that will help you in paying the total cost of your move and will lessen your stress with packing. If you still have enough time, why not throw a garage sale or sell it on a marketplace online to have faster transactions.

Another thing is, it’s best if you can find free moving boxes and supplies since it’s another way of cutting your total cost. You can seek used boxes, packing paper and tapes from the retailers near you, on community groups and online marketplace. Try looking on your local liquor stores, U-Haul Box Exchange, bookstores, Craigslist, from your friends and neighbors or on your family if they have a spare box to lend you.


Find The Best Transportation Options For Your Long Distance Move




If you are planning to rent a truck, trailer or a van, why not try maximizing your resources. You can ask help from your family and close friends in moving. This is the cheapest way of moving, however, to return and appreciate them, offer them snacks and refreshers to gain energy and to keep their body in moving. A little gift card will also do, in the end, it’s still the thought that matters.

Now that you successfully checked some options that you have to save more, how you will be transporting your belongings is the most important thing that you should know about, it should also include checking more options on how to save and be less stressed.

Before doing your move, just do complete research for moving companies such as van rentals, moving truck rentals, freight trailers, etc. to look for the best deals that they can offer. Sometimes good discounts are a way to have a better moving experience. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll be able to catch deals that could make an expensive moving company into the most cost-effective and efficient one.

If you are wondering what could be the cheapest, aside from asking your family and friends, renting a moving truck and moving all by yourself could be one option. If you are properly conditioned to drive, you will save tons of money doing it on your own. Usually the cost for a moving truck already includes a set rate, fuel cost and the insurance. But remember that trucks don’t have great gas mileage. So if you’re moving for about 1500 miles away, then it will take 150 gallons of gasoline to get to your destination since trucks only get 10 mpg.

Another way of moving your belongings is by using a freight moving trailer. So how does it work? A freight trailer company will be dropping off a trailer that is usually 28ft and allows you to load everything within 3 days and after that, the company will pick it up and drive it to your new place.  The cost is not that much and still you’ll be able to save thousands of dollars rather than hiring a full-service moving company.


Why Use U-Pack For A Long Distance Move?

U-pack offers larger and flexible moving containers, which makes it easier to fit everything inside. In addition, they have fast and reliable delivery. However, full-service moving is not currently available but on top of that, the affordability and quality of containers is the most important.