Packing for house moving

As simple as it may seem, but putting a pen to paper, or fingertips to a keyboard, to make a moving checklist is a huge benefit in a moving process. To level up your organization of moving, you can put together a moving binder. Yes, a moving binder, just a plain three-ring one will do, with list and contact numbers and a printed checklist, just to keep you organized and on a time schedule and honestly to keep the moving progress tidy and clear.

Moving can be a complex process. Whether you are moving with the help of UHaul or higher professional long-distance movers like Allied Van Line. A moving binder will help you keep track of the never-ending list of things to do during the moving process. There can be a thousand different things that will have to be shuffled into the right places, to make your move go as well as expected and have the best move. Having a moving binder keeps things of your move at your fingertips and you can add any additional list to the binder.

When you tell people that you are moving, they give you, “pause” the oh you are moving face. They really do not know what response to give you, concern, pity, or the thank goodness it is not me moving, or the fear of being asked to help, facial expression. As complicated as moving is, having a checklist makes things less thought-provoking and as easy peasy as checking off the boxes one by one.

Listed are some suggestions of the list that should be placed in your moving checklist binder:


Important dates can be noted on a calendar. This will be a reminder of all dates that need to be available to glance at often if not daily, to stay on track. When you will be moving, when to pick up your packing supplies, when to set appointments with the realtor to sell your current home, or note the date to give notice to your landlord. Also, you can coordinate when the moving company, such as UPack will be dropping off the relocate(s) if you choose them to do your moving.

Current residence

What are you going to do with the current place you are living in? Do you need to sell your home? Are you in a lease or month-to-month rental? It is important that if you need to sell your home, you need to take action to list it with a realtor or for sale by the owner, no less than eight or even ten weeks prior to moving. If there is a lease agreement with your current place, you will need to provide proper notice to your landlord, as per the Lease.

Moving Process

Your new rental or home:

Prior to moving from your current residence, you will need to find a new place to live. Once you know you are moving, you will have at least two months to discover where you will be going. Whether you purchase or you are going to be leasing.

Design a moving budget

A realistic moving budget is a good category for your moving binder. Please know that it must be realistic. Write down and account for anything that comes to mind that you will be spending money on during this move. Obviously, there will be some expense that you undoubtedly did not list, however, if you start well in advance, you can adjust your budget to accommodate all necessities of moving. This will be a good time to consider if you want professional movers such as Mayflower moving services or if Penske is an option you will consider.

Gather pricing for local or long distance moving companies

This category in your binder should include all the pricing of everything that you will be using to move your household items. If moving long-distance, websites to research to get a free quote are as follows: U-Pack, Mayflower, Allied Van Lines, and United are a few that can meet your needs. Budget, U-Haul, Enterprise, and Penske, are sites you can visit for local moving for free quotes, and budget-friendly. Remember during your research and final decision of whom you choose to use, read the small print, and get everything in writing to protect yourself from hidden fees.

Prepare a Master Contact List

This is a section that will always need to be at your fingertips. I suggest you not only make a physical listing of all the contacts that will be associated with moving but to make a listing on your phone. A physical contact list will give all parties in your household availability to, moving contacts, for instance, let us assume you use U-Haul, to move your household and buy packing supplies from them. A contact list is imperative to Moving.

Packing supply list

Keeping a packing supply list section in your moving binder is important. Keeping a record of supplies is a must. You have to have boxes, tapes, packing supplies, and labels. A running inventory of what you have and keeping supplies ready and available while packing will help the process continue without hiccups. U-Haul, Mayflower, and Budget moving companies are just a few names of the companies that can provide packing supplies.

If you take time and organize a moving binder, with a much-needed checklist, contacts, supplies and a great choice of a moving company, you may surprise yourself on how smooth moving can be for you.