There is always so much to manage while calculating your first apartment budget, if it’s your first time it can be really tricky! 

Since you have no experience in managing your expenses and now you have to manage it all, along with moving, and realization of such a big expenditure. There’s nothing wrong with the overwhelming feeling you are going through right now. It can be complicated to manage it all, also since it includes legal affairs, it requires your attention and knowledge of things to manage the cost of living in an apartment

It becomes all easy and manageable once you look into the details, and that’s why here we are. There are some simple ways to understand the technicalities and how you can lower your budget.


Let’s look into how you can figure out what to invest in to determine how to budget an apartment.


Before you spend, know what you have

To determine your spending limit you need to analyze your income. Monthly income could be a straight up salary you receive every month if you have a stable job. If you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur, you need to calculate how much in total you get every month. 


Know how much you left with

Your monthly income is just the money you get every month, it’s not exactly how much you get to save. To determine that, you need to calculate your expenditure, depending on what is necessary. Prioritizing your expenses is necessary, since you are about to make a big step you may need to cut down some of the unnecessary ones. 




Know your limit

Now when you have the amount that could be spent including your savings, you have the exact sum from which you can budget your apartment rent, lease, or if you are buying one. 

You may get some slight shocks before you exactly know and accept the number since it’s your first time to experience how to afford an apartment. We always dream bigger than our pockets. It’s totally fine, you just need to realize you are on your own now, moving is a big expense, and you need to cut off some of your unimportant but regular entertainment.


How to know What is Important In Apartment Budgeting

Since it can be quite confusing, let me tell you some of the most important sections that you need to bind your money into. 

  • Rent/ EMI – If you are renting the apartment, or even buying it but on a loan, know that this is an exact sum of the amount you need to keep for savings every month to pay them. You must be aware that skipping your monthly dues can bring you legal actions and affect your credit score. Managing rent will need you to look into the rental agreement, which may change with the tenure of your lease. Also, It may require one or two months security deposit, which can mean you need to pay double for the first month of what you estimated for every month.
  •  Utilities – The section includes electricity, gas, and water. Now, these three can be paid by your landlord in case you are renting, or you will be responsible for that. Since there isn’t a final amount that you need to pay for all three of us, it totally depends on your consumption. So to determine and reduce your expenses you need to regulate your consumption and know that it must fall under your budget. Running out of cash for them can put you into a situation to live like ancient humans. 
  • Connections – Internet, cable or landline, everything you need to determine according to your locality and prices different companies offer you. Installation fee may differ from place to place, so that’s something calculative to decide the service and plans, and budgeting over it.
  • Insurances – Home insurance or renters insurance is very important thing to note. It covers everything, in case of accident or theft or any mishap. You can cut this into less by joining it to your car insurance. Though there are always different quotes for different companies that give you different options for different plans, you must choose the best plan that provides you with the best coverage in the cheapest payments.


The first apartment budget includes the first apartment complex budget as well. There are many kinds of charges that you may need to pay, though depending on your complexity, they may differ.  These may include pet fees, parking fees, pest control, garbage pick-up, administration, and maybe more. These can be a monthly charge, or only a one-time payment while shifting into the locality. To add it into the budget, get prior information while apartment hunting. 




How to cut it down

Since it is your first attempt at independence, you might need to lower your expectations regarding the cost of living in an apartment. You still have ways to live in a cost-effective way, you can use different ways to rent the apartment such as these –

  • Get yourself a partner – You can share the rent with a partner, roommates or college mates. Divide the expenses including all that you calculated, this will make it easier to get the place and manage your expenses. 
  • Live in a cheaper place – Property rates are always determined with the facilities around the locality. Living in and around the city and prominent places can cost you a fortune, while you may get lower prices around the outskirts of the city. Find a place that suits your budget, the distance can be managed accordingly. 
  • Find cheaper options – You can find cheaper options, like studio apartments, or basement apartments instead of shifting into a two or three-room apartment. This way you can save up for a better property plan in the future, and get your dream place. 

There are complications in managing the budget cost of living in an apartment but that can be managed and ruled out with efficient management. All you need is the determine the factors and manage them wisely with time and a better perspective.