Moving Day Boxes

Finally, the day has arrived that you have known about for some time, MOVING DAY. Moving can be exciting, frustrating, exhausting, and various other adjectives you want to put her, but it is doable.  At this point and time, you are probably over this upcoming move and your first cup of coffee is brewing in the Keurig.  You have planned, decluttered, sold items, given items away, and packed boxes for days to make sure it goes as flawless as possible. 

Moving Day with full moving service

The professional movers from Mayflower will be arriving at 7:30 to load all your belongings and get the moving party started.  You have the family getting up in 15 minutes and you planned ahead to feed them breakfast bars and use the last of the milk in the fridge.  Now to give a glance over your moving binder once again. Make sure all things are in order and you have assigned your good friend to be the go-to person for the movers. This can save time and confusion by having her help you with that task.   

Mayflower will be moving 98% of your stuff,  but you also rented a trailer from U-Haul, which will carry the remaining 2%.  Your move will be long-distance, so the U-Haul is a necessity because your vehicle is not big enough to carry your family and the 2% you will need, on the trip to the new destination.  Your movers and you should be close to arriving on the same day, but in the event, this does not go as planned you will have a first-day box for the new place.  

Mayflower Transit was established in 1927 in Indianapolis, In.  Mayflower joined UniGroup, Inc. in 1995 and became a (co-op) in 2018, in hopes to better serve customers. You researched them thoroughly before signing an agreement with them to move you.  This way there would be no pricing surprises, additional fees, or discrepancies with what you expect from them and what they expect as payment.  Mayflower has moved not only in the States they have moved government officials and military all over the world. Moving with them will give you additional full-service options to add protection choices and the flexibility of moving things the way you wish.  Moving your items and feeling comfortable with the safety of them.  Although, when they give you a moving quote, rest assured the site claims, that it includes full value protection. Another tip, stay out of the way of the professional movers.  It is their job to move load and move your things, but have your contact person answer questions or answer them yourself if you need to, but move out of the way and let them work.

Loading Moving truck

Moving Day with truck rental

The above scenario may not be the budget-friendly move that will work for you.  So you decide to rent from Enterprise and do the complete move yourself, and obviously some friends and family.  As it has been mentioned planning and organization are the keys to moving.  It will be in your best interest to pick up your moving truck the day prior to your move.  Now that you have rented a truck to load yourself, make sure you have the additional items to move.  It is important you know who will be driving the truck, to your new residence, will it be you or another adult.  On the Enterprise website, their 24’ and 26’ trucks have seating for three passengers.  Make sure you have the equipment to help load the heavy things, like a two-wheeler, and make sure you are aware of how to use their tuck under the liftgate if they are on the truck you rented. Also, rest assured, if there are any mechanical issues, Enterprise has 24/7 roadside assistance. 

The professional movers or family and friends have finished packing in the last load of your belongings on the truck.  They are ready to roll.  You have packed your last-day box and a first-day box, which will be used at your new place, in your vehicle, and the valuable belongings that you do not want to go on the moving truck. As the moving truck begins to pull away, you will need to make another run through your old residence and make sure there is nothing that the movers overlooked or anything you may have left behind. Now say your final goodbye and hit the road to your new residence.

If you hire professional movers, such as Mayflower they will unload your boxes, place them in the rooms, according to the labels on the boxes, customarily help you set up beds, and put the heavy furniture where you ask them.  When they have emptied the truck, they will check the moving list they filled out when they loaded you at your previous home.  This is for verification that they got everything moved and off the truck, and will give you a clear mind that you got all of your items and nothing got left behind, stolen, or lost.   

If family and friends help you unload the moving truck you will know what is unloaded and if you got all of your things, by checking your moving list, that you should have created when loading your items. Once all items are unloaded and the truck is empty, take a breath.   The big heavy of the move is now behind you and the unpacking season is upon you.

Welcome to new beginnings.