Moving Packing

Having an organized packing schedule for your upcoming move is going to help you in a way that you will appreciate beyond measure. Let’s just say hypothetically, that U-Pack has delivered your containers to your current residence, for your long-distance move that you are about to embark on. Amazon delivered packing supplies directly to your door. Home Depot and Wal-Mart are a few miles away if there is an immediate supply you may need at a moment’s notice.

So, what do you do next? You pack obviously!

Let the list that follows be the blueprint to emulate to begin your packing voyage. I recommend that when packing your U-Pack ReloCube, make sure you start with items that you deem to be the least used in your near future.

Moving Packing Step 1:

Common sense should trigger here. If time allows, about six weeks before your big move, start packing all the things that you have in storage, the attic, and the garage. Rule of thumb, while packing your storage building, your attic or garage, DECLUTTER, let me say it again for everyone to hear, declutter. Sell items, to make yourself extra cash, donate things to local churches or charities, give away what you can to family or friends, and toss that old junk that you have not seen for months. Although, show caution with packing tools in the garage, you may need these for the later part of your move. Then pack all of the remaining things in boxes, label them appropriately, and stack them to the side or load them in the ReloCube from U-Pack.

Moving packing box

Moving Packing Step 2:

All of the seasonal items should be next on the agenda of packing. All of your holiday decorations, all of them, pack them in boxes, you are not using them at this point, so pack them, this will allow one more thing packed off of your list, completed. Seasonal items can also include seasonal clothing and the fine China set that was passed down to you. Remembering when you have the boxes packed, any boxes from this point on, label them according to what room you want them to put in at your new residence. The books, the ones that you have on shelves, stacked on side tables, and the cookbooks in the kitchen, pack them. Books can be heavy, so be mindful to not pack big boxes, full of books, an emergency room visit with pulled muscles is not on the moving agenda.

Moving Packing Step 3:

You should be in full packing mode mindset at this point. This is a good time on your packing schedule to start packing your wall art, your decorations, and all the knick-knacks that you have. While you are doing this, pack your linen closet and towels that you will not be using. There will be more bubble wrap and foam wrap that will be used during this time of packing. Since you have already packed fine China, now would be a good time to inventory your packing boxes and materials. If you are low on any boxes, tape, or bubble wrap, get on Amazon, and they can get these things coming to you within two days if you are an Amazon prime member. 

Moving Packing Step 4:

If you pack daily, it will be beneficial as your moving date approaches. Two weeks before your moving date, start packing your kitchenware, leave out a pan or two, utensils, plates, cups, or glasses, and available, you can pack these in “your open first box” at your new place. Pack up all the items in closets, drawers and bathrooms that will not be needed for your last week at your current place. The majority of your packing should be tackled at this point. All the boxes that are packed need to be double-checked to make sure they are labeled and taped. If they are not already pre-loaded in a ReloCube. Pre-planning will set you up for a less stressful move.

Moving Packing Step 5:

You have reached the last week before your official moving date. Here are some moving tips that will help you complete your packing. This is a good time to make sure that you have everything in your “open me first” box and also this is a great time to make a “first-night” box open. It is in your best interest to back both of these with the essentials that will get you through the first night and the first day at your new residence, seemingly self-explanatory. It does not matter if you are moving local or a long-distance, a word from the wise back these two boxes and transport them yourself, if possible. At the beginning of the last week, if you are using a moving company, like Mayflower, Allied Allied Van Lines for a long-distance move, or U-Haul maybe your choice that you use, make sure you double-check with the respectful websites to make sure everything is scheduled for the exact move dates. It is an adult thing to do and be responsible for. How crushing it would be, if your moving date arrives, you have worked diligently packing for the past few weeks and nothing to put your boxes in to be moved. So take the extra effort the week off and make sure things are in place for you to move.

This suggested packing list is not written in stone. Make the adjustments to the list to fit your moving needs. Moving local or long distances can be a catastrophe or organized chaos. Remind yourself that any move will not go off with perfection, but it can be made less hostile if you make an organized moving plan and keep close to following a packing schedule.