Moving Essentials

Packing essentials are obvious if moving is an endeavor you will be tackling soon. The complexity of moving is a huge task. However, once you have decided you are moving, you have to pack all your belongings! Right? If you have to pack then you will need packing supplies. It does not matter if you are moving down the street, across town, or from the east coast to the west coast, it does not have to be disastrous.

When you are getting ready for your next move, you will need to stock up on your supply of boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and moving blankets and etc… Once the packing starts it helps to be prepared so you will need to know where to get all the packing essentials you are going to use. There are a lot of options, and listed are some places you can get moving supplies.


Uboxes list on their website moving kits that you can order and have delivered to your door. The site is user-friendly and has various kits for different sizes of places that need to be packed. You can also find packing materials at Uboxes. 


Amazon has packing supplies that can be delivered to your doorstep which is a nice convenience and a time saver. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can get free two-day delivery.

Home Depot

If you have a Home Depot close by, you will find a wide variety of moving boxes, bubble wrap, tape, and other supplies that can help you with moving. Home Depot has a mover’s guide on their website that can help you calculate what packing supplies you need. Home Depot can ship your moving supplies to your door or they can ship materials to your local store for free. 


Not only can you rent a truck from U-Haul, but they also give you options of choosing between moving kits, individual boxes, or tape. They carry specialty storage bags. Visit the U-Haul website where you can rent a truck or get all your packing supplies all in one stop.


Lowe’s also has packing boxes for every room of your home. They have tape, bubble wrap, and two-wheelers. If you need to make any repairs to your current residence, you can pick those items and your moving supplies too.

Office Depot

If you need to have moving boxes by the shape of items, then you will need to check with Office Depot. They have moving boxes in a variety of sizes. They also carry heavy-duty boxes with lids, for moving homes offices, or small heavy items. Office Depot has binders, labels, markers, and tape to keep your move organized.


Wal-Mart has moving boxes, and other items to help you with a successful move. Wal-Mart has so many store locations; the possibility is probable that you have one in your local area. All the more, most are open 24/7 which is a nice advantage if you happen to run out of supplies at any hour. Additionally, you can pick any other essentials you may need. 


Staples have a selection of moving boxes available. You can pick up your packing materials, tape, markers, and labels. If you have a Staples store in your area, remember to check them out as an option for moving essentials.

If you need friendly budget moving boxes and packing supplies continue reading.

For free boxes: check craigslist in your area, truck rental stores, liquor stores, your job

and Freecycle.

packing boxes

Free packing materials to use, utilize what you have, and waste no packing spaces.

1. Dishtowels, beach towels rags, pillows, placemats, blankets, coats, and sweaters to wrap breakables or to use as filler inboxes.

2. Newspaper: can be used to wrap breakables as well as brown paper bags.

3. Trashbags: can be used instead of boxes. You can pack pillows, bedding, linens, soft toys, and any extra towels that were not used for packing.

  • Do not waste space anywhere if possible. Waste the least amount of space while packing, in boxes, put a pillow in the top or bottom of the box, this is good for extra padding too.
  • Oven mitts can be used to wrap knives, scissors, and other sharp gadgets.
  • Baskets and trash cans are great for picture frames, hairdryers, and flat irons.
  • Crockpots are good for packing spices or small Tupperware, large Tupperware can be used to pack small pantry items and seasoning packets.

4. Rolling luggage: you can pack heavier items in rolling luggage, for example, books, easy to roll on and off the moving truck, and rolling the suitcase is easier than lifting a heavy box of books.

5. Plastic wrap; can be used to wrap things that are already organized and in a container. Silverware trays, jewelry boxes, or kids toy bins.

6. Last night leave out one box or plastic container that has everything that you might need for the last night in your current residence and the first day in your new place. Pack it with paper towels, toilet tissue, trash bags, ziplock bags, Clorox wipes, toiletry bags, and disposable silverware. Remember to leave out packing tape scissors for the last night and a box cutter for the first day.

7. Host a moving party: This is a good way to get help, packing boxes, and a nice way to get the furniture to the moving truck. A moving party is a good time to say goodbyes if you are moving away from long distances.

Beyond question, if you will be moving locally or long distance, there is a high possibility that possessions will need to be moved. Having a good arsenal of packing essentials is a necessity. You can get your moving supplies from several different suppliers if your budget allows. If your budget is less lenient or plausible, then searching for cheaper or free moving essentials and using what you have can make the move doable.

May your next moving experience be favorable.