Long Distance Moving Truck

So, you are moving! Are you moving long-distance or local? Now what? How are you going to get all the stuff you need to move, MOVED? Ask yourself, how do I determine what is the best option if I am moving locally? What is the best option if I am moving completely across the states? 

Are you going to pack your own possessions on a moving truck and drive them to your new residence? Are you going to pack your possessions and have professional movers load them and drive them to the new place you will be living? The previous are all valid questions you can start with. The decision of choosing which way to relocate can be overwhelming but the following information can help in your future move and get you started on your way of getting things moving along with choosing a moving truck.

Moving across the country you can be a huge MOVE, see the information on a few of the moving companies that do long-distance moving below

United Van Lines

United Van Lines is a moving company that offers long-distance moving. United has a user-friendly website to help with your long-distance moving across the state or moving across interstate lines from the West coast to the East coast. Moving is an enormous operation and United wants to provide you, the customer, their top priority and make your next move as easy and smooth as they can for you. United has more than 500 hundred locations that are available to serve customers, no matter where they are moving from to where they are moving to. Visit their website for a free quote for your next moving experience.

Allied Van Lines

If you search around on Allied Van Lines, company site, they proclaim that they can help you move in all fifty states! They have been in the industry of moving people to different zip codes since 1928 per research. Although, included, Allied as one of the interstate long-distance movers, do not despair, local moves are part of their repertoire too. They guarantee full protection of all of the valuable stuff that they move for you. The site shows that the Allied Van Lines Company is the winner of America’s most recommended Women’s Choice award years running 2015-2021. Fill out your personal information and agree to their Allied privacy policy and they will complete your free moving quote.

Moving truck on the highway


Read the name, in simplicity, it defines what UPack does. You pack your items and they will move them for you. U-Pack can deliver a trailer or what they call a relocate, to your current residence or storage unit. This will give you the opportunity to pack your items yourself at your convenience, within an allotted time period of course. Packing yourself will allow you to declutter and save money. Once you are all packed up, notify UPack and they will take care of driving the moving truck or moving cube to your new location. 

UPack will charge you on the basis of how much linear square footage of the moving truck or the number of cubes used. I researched the UPack website, and they suggest or better yet encourage you to compare them to other moving companies. Upack wants you to get the best moving company for your needs. UPack even gives you a cost comparison of other moving companies compared to their cost. UPack moving website provides you a tab to click on, under the title Move Services, that will show you a cheap way to rent a moving truck.


The stability of being established over ninety years is a strong backbone for a moving company. This kind of reputation takes years to establish. Mayflower is a moving company that offers different moving services. Long-distance is one of the many ones that they offer. Visit their website if you want a free quote for the various move options that they can provide. Again, the over ninety years is a strong stance that can back them up. Long-distance is the top selection of their moving services, followed by small moves, local movers, and international moving.

If you are in it for the long haul, the above-suggested moving companies can help anyone get to where they are going. Moving can be as hard or as easy as you care for it to be. Highly suggested, is the planning phase prior to moving, if you have a plan, it will go smoother, not perfect but smoother.