Local moving truck rental

All moves are not long-distance or interstate. Some of them are local, like across town local, that you what to do on your own. So you gather up your family and friends, offer to feed them pizza, and fill them with beverages to help you make the move from your first apartment to a newly purchased home.

So, you tell yourself; considering this is a local move, a long-distance moving trucking company, 

may not be the best option for this current move. Suddenly you think, to get the best bang for my buck, researching local truck rentals will be a better fit. Purposely you can make several trips, because it is local, and have the moving truck(s) or trailer(s) for an extended time and return it locally. In the event this is the decision you choose, visit the listed suggestions below of a few moving companies that can meet your needs.

Please note, these companies can also provide for long-distance moving, you can utilize them for one-way long-distance moving, but they can make moving locally, less stressful, than just say, you and your buddies using pickup trucks.

Local moving truck


Budget has a variety of options for moving. One option to choose from is a cargo van, with the suggestion of moving a room, with the capacity to hold up to 40 medium boxes. The cargo moving van can move one or two small to medium furniture items. There are 12’ foot and a 16’ moving truck options to choose from. The 12’ foot moving truck can hold up to 120 medium boxes and one to five medium furniture items. The Budget 16’ foot truck is listed as their most popular moving truck for rental. This last moving truck can hold 250 medium boxes and approximately up to ten medium furniture items. The Budget 16’ moving truck has a loading ramp, and the option of towing if this is something you may need, to make your move.


U-Haul is a well-marketed moving company. They can do long-distance moves but local moving is a strong focus for U-Haul. If this is the first move or the tenth move in life, U-Haul has a list of trucks that can help with moving you They can make moving easier, is what their website says. They have pick-up trucks, cargo vans, and trucks ranging from 10’ for small moving jobs up to a 26’ truck for three to four bedrooms. Renting from U-haul is an affordable solution for your moving needs, no matter what size of the move that you are planning.

Penske Truck Rental

Penske is another moving company that is another option for local moving. They have moving selections of cargo vans to 26’ foot trucks. Penske moving is ready and waiting to help you. Their easy-to-navigate website shows the various ways they can help you choose a moving truck that will fit your moving needs. Penske truck rental moving can give you a free quote right at your fingertips all the while this can reduce the stress of your next move. The flexibility of moving dates is available also, as the time gets closer and you have to change them for some unforeseen reason. When getting your free quote on a Penske moving truck, see what they can save on unlimited miles on one-way truck use.

Enterprise Truck Moving Rental

Enterprise provides more than rental cars. Exactly! News to me! They can provide vans, pick-up trucks, and moving box trucks. They offer four sizes of cargo moving vans, from compact size to a heavy-duty extra-large size. They add three sizes of pickup trucks to which can help you move. These trucks start at a half-ton pickup, next is a three-quarter-ton, and finishing with a one-ton pickup. The three quarters and the one-ton have towing capacity, which is convenient for trailers, one of the accessories Budget moving shows available to add to your moving experience. Trailers can help with your move-in various ways, such as; moving motorcycles, ATV, and certain vehicles.

Moving is generally not at the top of everyone’s top favorite thing to tackle, but with the

suggestions above it can be made a smidge easier. A planning ahead strategy is always the

most important thing when moving. People may think it is packing, hiring movers, or other

aspects of moving, but planning should be the top priority. If you have a plan, which we all know

can and will be altered through the process, it just sets the floorplan for a better moving reality,

along with choosing the local moving truck company suited to meet your needs.