You have organized a binder or file to keep yourself organized for the big “Move” that is in your near future. The packing essentials you purchased from U-Haul are at hand reach in each room you plan to pack and the correct size of U-Haul moving truck has been scheduled. Or you may have purchased packing supplies, packed all of your household items, and hired the professional movers from Moving Company Mayflower, to do all the heavy lifting and delivery of your long-distance move.

House utilities

Now, what? I will tell you what, you need to consider the utilities that you have at your current residence and the utilities you will be needing at the new place you are moving to. There are several things that will be changing even if you are moving just across the city. When I say it is all in the details, it is all in the details. Hence the reason that you need to make a binder or a moving file. So where do you begin?

United States Postal Service

Start here, you will notify the postal service of your new address. Sounds simple, but it is such a huge detail that can not be forgotten. The postal service makes this an easy thing to change, click the following and you can make this change online. USPS

The site allows you to set the date frame of when you want your mail to start being delivered to your new house. I suggest that you do this about a week in advance prior to your move. This can possibly prevent any gap when you receive your mail from your old residence to your new one. Changing your address is the perfect place to begin when changing things for a move.

Federal and State Agencies

It is important to notify the federal tax agency and the state tax agency. The IRS Internal Revenue Service has an easy online form to complete so that you can change your address with their agency. Then find the website of your state agency and scan through the forms and make the necessary address change for your move. At the state level, all the changes can possibly be made online.

Social Security Administration

If you receive social security benefits monthly, you will need to get in contact with the SSA. Social Security has a change of address form online that you can complete. The SSA number is 1-800-772-1213 if you need to contact them via a phone call.

Electric Meters

Electric, Water, and Gas

You will need to make sure these three utilities are a top priority when moving. When you have the exact date of your move, you need to begin making arrangements to have these shut off, transferred, or new connections due to changing utility providers. Call your utility providers and have them disconnect these utilities on the last day of your move out. You will then need to schedule to turn on these utilities the same day you plan on moving into your new place or the day before. Knowingly you may Keep in mind you have to have electricity to see during your move, water to drink and clean with and also, gas possibly to cook a meal your first night in your new place.

Other utilities

The above-mentioned utilities should be top priority obviously. Although, the internet, phone, cable, and garbage will need to be scheduled accordingly. I mean honestly, we all barely function when our internet lags, so the internet is connected at the new place is probably the fourth utility, you may want to concern yourself with.

Other services to consider

  • Insurance providers; health, dental, life insurance, car, home, or rental insurance.
  • Notify your employer of your new address.
  • Bank and Credit card companies.
  • Magazine and other subscription services.
  • Online shopping sites.
  • All clubs and organizations you are involved in.
  • Individual providers such as; dentists, doctors, and possibly your veterinarian.
  • Last, family and friends can be notified.

Changing your address is not easy, moving utilities and other services is not what I would call a fun time. However, moving these services is essential. It can help you from losing future mail and missing out on important notices, emails, or phone calls.

The majority of these changes can be made on the internet via companies’ websites and some can be as simple as sending an email. Just as a reminder stay organized, expect the unexpected, and transfer your services accordingly.

Wishing you all the best in your next moving experience!