rental truck loading The question is, why should I rent a moving truck? There is a list of decisions that come with the task of moving. Are you looking to relocate? Moving can be costly. To reduce this cost, renting a moving truck is a practical option. There are several rental truck companies to rent a truck from. U-Pack, Budget, Penske, and Uhaul are a list of rental truck companies to consider renting from.

A moving truck will essentially end up costing less than hiring a professional moving company.  Hiring a professional truck line to relocate can end up costing thousands of dollars, in addition to the cost per hourly rate of the movers. If the decision is made to hire a professional moving company, research and use a licensed insured moving company for protection. If a professional moving company is not a good decision, then renting a truck for relocation could be an option.

The upside of renting a moving truck

Renting a moving truck from U-Pack, Budget, Penske, or Uhaul, can cut the cost of a move and allow more flexibility. Renting a truck allows a mover more control of the possessions to be moved. If there is not much to relocate during an upcoming move, then a rental truck is a great choice. Next, an inventory of items that need to be moved will determine the size of the moving truck that will need to be rented. The eliminating and packing process will be a benefit to figuring out if a 10-foot or up to a 26-foot truck is needed.  Most truck rental companies listed above offer these sizes of trucks. To determine the size of truck to rent, take into consideration how many rooms, the size of furniture, appliances, and if there are any outbuildings and a garage. Overestimate the number of contents by ten percent, to ensure that the truck rental will be a good fit for relocation.

Truck rental research and selection

When the decision to do a DIY move is made, renting a moving truck is essential. Knowingly, this will save several trips to and from the new location and it can simplify the move to possibly one load.  Before selecting the company to rent a truck from, research and check the reviews of each individual company.  If a local trucking company is a consideration, ask family, friends, and neighbors for recommendations.  Word of mouth is a great way to find an honest review. Renting a moving truck is helpful with the cost of the moving truck meets the moving needs.  This is the reason that the cost-effectiveness of a moving truck compared to the size of the truck is imperative. Selecting the wrong size of moving truck just because of cost could be more costly, so, do the research and calculate accordingly the number of possessions to move.
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Rent the truck

After the research is completed and a moving company has been chosen, it is important to get a quote and binding estimate from the company, for the dates needed and verify the insurance coverage. Depending on homeowners insurance or auto insurance, there are various ways to ensure that the moving truck and the items in the truck are covered in case of a mishap.  Although, if homeowners or auto insurance policies do not offer coverage for the move, the rental company will offer various coverages that can be included in the quote and binding estimate. U-Pack, Budget, and U-Haul websites are user-friendly and have moving trucks of various sizes that can assist with a move. This is why renting a moving truck can be beneficial.

Thresa Ramsey